Our Approach

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Our Approach
WellBeing International seeks to achieve optimal wellbeing for the triad of People, Animals and Environment (PAE), emphasizing the intersections of the three elements, through the following approaches to build global health and happiness.
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Raising Global Awareness & Education
People drive change. WellBeing International (WBI) will provide tools to inform people what is needed and enable them to make a difference. Raising global awareness and education are critical factors in supporting innovative ideas, delivering solutions and driving change.
Cooperation, Collaboration & Partnership
WellBeing International works with organizations and individuals who are eager to cooperate openly and enthusiastically and who are concerned about impacts and not credit. WellBeing International establishes constructive collaborations with strategic partners to deliver maximum impact for people, animals and the environment.
Blue Cross of India.
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Direct Care
Direct care for people, animals and environment provides critical services while providing data to evaluate and improve and replicate those programs with the highest impact. Direct care allows caring communities to participate in programs thereby strengthening their support and leveraging it to help animals, their communities and the environment.
Scientific Observation & Data
Scientific observation and data collection and analysis by WellBeing International will provide evidence for the optimal solutions and deliver the benefits of those solutions to the PAE Triad – People, Animals and the Environment.
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