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The Kabul Dog Project
June 19, 2019
By Andrew Rowan, DPhil.
WellBeing International is reaching out to engage with and support organizations that are implementing humane dog management projects around the globe. One of these is the Kabul Dog Project in Afghanistan that is run by Mayhew Afghanistan, a division of the Mayhew Home for Animals in North London for whom one of us works as their head veterinarian. Mayhew has been working to help companion animals abroad since 2001 in Russia, India, Georgia, Nepal and Afghanistan. The Afghanistan project began in 2002 in response to an appeal to help the animals in the Kabul Zoo. Building on these foundations, Mayhew Afghanistan is now working with the Kabul Municipality to address the issue of street dogs in Kabul and, in so doing, also reduce the threats of rabies and dog bites to humans.
Girl and Puppy in front of a Dogcatcher in Kabul. (Photo by Mayhew Afghanistan)
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Environmental Sustainability & Humane Education
  • World Animal Net – The site has much useful information however, the Humane Education resource is specifically recommended.
  • The Link Coalition – Contains an extensive set of materials on the links between human and animal abuse.
  • Animal Sentience – New journal (launched in 2016) featuring academic articles and open peer commentary on the topics of animal sentience and well-being.
  • IPBES Biodiversity & Sustainability Report, 2019: Media Release – select Full Report, of the IPBES Biodiversity & Sustainability Report, 2019; (Full Report to be 1,500-pages)
Companion Animals and Humane Communities
Plastics & Oceans
  • Our World in Data – is a program based at Oxford University in the United Kingdom that presents data and charts on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) program. There are 17 such goals and Our World in Data presents the latest available data on 232 SDG indicators. Many of these charts will be of interest to followers of WellBeing International but we would draw specific attention to the article on plastics and plastic pollution in the ocean.
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